Postgraduate Course in Clinical and Health Psychology

Our University Expert Diploma in Clinical and Health Psychology will qualify you to deal with psychological problems effectively and accurately helping people to overcome them. Likewise, you will be able to help people suffering from physical illnesses such as chronic pain, cancer, etc., and improve their quality of life.

Why should you study our Postgraduate Course in Clinical and Health Psychology?

UNIVERSITY TRAINING, PROFESSIONAL SKILLS, COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION, UP-TO-DATE RESOURCES. Our postgraduate course will provide you with an up-to-date and complementary education in assessment and intervention in clinical and health psychology. You will be able to deal with the most frequent psychological problems that may affect people in all life stages (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age) and also with some problems related to physical illnesses.

ACCESS TO THE OFFICIAL MASTER’S DEGREE. If you haven’t earned the 90 ECTS credits in the field of health studies required to do the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology (according to the provisions established in the Orden ECD/1070/2013 of 13th of June setting out the requirements for the verification of the official university studies of Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology that qualifies for the practice of the profession of General Health Psychologist), you will earn 36 ECTS credits in this course, so you can have an easier access to the official Master’s Degree.

The 65% of professionals are working in this field

The area of treatment and intervention of psychological problems is currently in high demand within the field of psychology, gathering almost the 65% of professional psychologists who are working in this area (Soria et al., 2009). Furthermore, there has been recently a social demand for up-to-date professional experts in specific intervention fields.