Job options

Graduates in Business Management and Administration are qualified for professional practice in any business area, as the skills acquired can prove useful in any organisation operating in any market. Although this degree caters for a wide range of job options, there are specific career opportunities and industries with continuous recruitment processes. They are the main source of employment for graduates in BMA.

Employment sectors

  • Banking
    • Financial management
    • International trade
    • Risk analysis
    • Accounting
    • Business network
  • Consulting
    • Strategic consulting
    • Business consulting
    • Tax consulting
    • Auditing
  • Teaching and research
    • Secondary education / Upper secondary education
    • Vocational training
    • Training centres
    • University
    • Self-employment: Graduates are qualified to start a new business, minimizing risks and the impact of externalities, when starting any business-like project.

More job opportunities may be found across sectors within the fields below:

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Distribution
  • Fiscal and tax affairs
  • Accounting
  • Finances
  • Commercial