Objectives and competences


The main objective of this degree is to provide students with comprehensive, high quality, and up-to-date business training, within a professional international business environment.

Our degree at Universidad Isabel I is clearly linked to the international arena. This multinational and multicultural approach is reflected in our highly qualified faculty, visiting professors and, most importantly, in students from all over the world who will no doubt contribute to create an open-minded working atmosphere.

This degree will provide students with the necessary skills to set up and manage their own business. They will also be able to spur business growth and create competitive advantages within a company. A practical approach will be implemented throughout, allowing for specialization in those fields where specific training is required. It is therefore a degree focused on professionalization.

According to White Paper, the main objective of this degree is to qualify skilled professionals for management, consulting, and evaluation in productive organisations. This work can be done within the global organisation of the company or in of its operational areas: production, human resources, financing, marketing, investment, management, and accounting.

The graduate will know how to align the usual operations of each of these areas with the overarching goals of production units; how to link these goals to the global economic context, and how to contribute to good operations and better outcomes. Specifically, graduates will be able to identify and anticipate business opportunities, allocate resources, organize information, recruit and motivate staff, make decisions, reach targets, and evaluate results.


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