What is an internship?

Internship («Prácticas Externas») is a compulsory course including an internship period in a centre other than the university. It is a hands-on course requiring students to implement knowledge and competences acquired throughout the degree in a real professional environment.
Interships included in our Degree in Criminology involve 150 hours (100 hours of internship + 50 hours of individual work to draft the internship report). In the academic year 2017/2018, internships will be preferably done between January and May 2018. Download the internship course syllabus at the bottom for further information.

What is the student workload involved in the internship?

Internships are worth 12 ECTS credits (6 in the 3rd year and another 6 more in the 4th year). That amounts to around 300 hours of workload, including at least 100 hours of (face-to-face) internship at a centre. The internship will be done between January and May 2018; it is divided into two stages: observation and implementation.

How can I have the internship course recognised and validated?

In order to have this course recognised, at least 364 days of professional practice in the field are required. Work experience must be accredited through official work records, contracts, or company certificates. Freelance work experience must be officially accredited in the relevant field.
In any case, the total number of credits recognised cannot exceed 15% of the total number of credits in the degree (i.e.: 36 ECTS out of 240).
In addition to the internship period, the course includes individual work (analysis, research, preparation of materials and drafting of a report on the internship).

What specialisations are available in the degree?

Two specialisations are available. Students will be assigned an expert in the field as supervisor.

  • Expert in criminology and criminalistics
  • Specialisation in private security
  • Cybersecurity

What are internship about?

Students will have a 200-hour internship period at a centre, with a scheduled agreed between the internship centre and the student. The internship period must be completed between January and May 2018. A tutor in the centre will supervise the student’s work during the internship.

The internship period is divided into two stages:

  • The observation stage: the student gets familiar with the centre and the work environment, the project, organisation and duties he or she will carry out later on.
  • The implementation stage: the student acquires hands-on practice, working as instructed or independently, always under the supervision of the tutor.

The tutor at the centre will organise both stages, with the support of the student’s academic supervisor at the university.

Where can I do my internship?

Students can do their internship in any professional centre related to criminology, criminalistics, expert examining or private security. Internships can also be done at police stations or prisons, with the relevant clearance and authorisations.

Click on the following documents to find out about satisfaction levels among students and centres:

  • Results of satisfaction surveys on internships.
  • Results of students’ satisfaction surveys.

How is the internship course assessed?

The course grade will be calculated as follows:

  • 50% corresponding to the mark awarded by the tutor at the centre, on the basis of a 10-item questionnaire, in which items are rated from 0 to 10.
  • 50% corresponding to the mark awarded by the supervisor at the university.

A 5 out of 10 mark by the academic supervisor is needed to pass the course. Any grade below 5 will mean the course must be re-taken. If the report obtained a mark below 5, but the tutor at the centre has awarded a pass grade, only the report will be re-done. Go to the following documents for detailed information on assessment and more:

  • Internship syllabus
  • Procedure to assign centres for internships.

Available centres

  • Argüelles y Cueto Asociados (TESCA) - Oviedo
  • Adexu Detectives S.L. - Valladolid
  • Agencia de Detectives Privados MIR - Salamanca
  • Agencia de Investigación Vestigium SL - Valladolid
  • Asociación de Médicos Criminólogos de España - Toda España
  • Asociación Profesional Colegial de Criminólogos de España (ASPROCRIME) - Las Rozas
  • Ayuntamiento de Ávila - Ávila
  • Ayuntamiento de Burgos - Burgos
  • Ayuntamiento de Carmona - Carmona
  • Ayuntamiento de Puerto de Santa María - Puerto de Santa María
  • Centro de Altos Estudios Policiales DFP Madrid - Madrid
  • Secretaria General de Instituciones Penitenciarias - Nacional
  • Centro Penitenciario A Lama (Convenio Instituciones Penitenciarias) - Pontevedra
  • Centro Penitenciario Burgos (Convenio Secretaria General de Instituciones Penitenciarias) - Burgos
  • Centro Penitenciario El Dueso (Convenio instituciones penitenciarias) - Santoña
  • Centro Penitenciario La Moraleja (Palencia) (Convenio instituciones penitenciarias) - Palencia
  • Centro Penitenciario de Málaga - Málaga
  • Secretaría General de Seguridad - Nacional
  • Comisaría Local de Policía Nacional de Gijón - Gijón
  • Comisaria Local de Puertollano - Puerto Llano
  • Comisaria Provincial de Albacete - Albacete
  • Comisaría Provincial de Burgos - Burgos
  • Comisaria Provincial de Tenerife - Tenerife
  • Despacho profesional Pericia e Investigación - Madrid
  • Detelia Detectives - León
  • Eoditec Special Services, S.L. - Valladolid
  • Escuela Europea de Criminología (Laboratorio Pericial Forense) - El Campello
  • Escuela Europea de Antropología y Ciencias - Barcelona
  • Ética Detectives - Salamanca
  • FRB DETECTIVES - Puente Arce
  • Gesturactiv, SL - Burgos
  • Globalia Detectives - Madrid
  • Grupo Has - Barcelona
  • Ideaspropias Editorial, S.L. - Vigo
  • Intelligentia Pro Justitia - Palma de Mallorca
  • Manuel Santos Ruíz - Madrid
  • Mediterráneo Peritaciones - Granada
  • Privalia Detectives - Avilés
  • Sociedad Española de Criminología y Ciencias Forenses - Valladolid
  • Sureste Seguridad - Molina de Segura
  • Universitat de Illes Balears - Palma de Mallorca

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