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CE-01 To show a thorough knowledge of the main features of the legal system, becoming acquainted with institutions and procedures, and identifying concerns and social values underlying the legal standards and principles.
CE-02 Ability to apply constitutional principles as a tool to interpret the legal framework.
CE-03 Ability to identify and draw on the main sources of law. To be able to draw on all relevant sources of law applying to any given case (legal, case-law, doctrine).
CE-04 To develop legal oratory skills. Ability to communicate effectively in public.
CE-05 Ability to read and accurately summarize a wide range of complex legal documents.
CE-06 Ability to write complex legal texts efficiently using technical terminology.
CE-07 To master the use of ICTs for word processing, searching for legal information (legislation databases, case-law, and bibliography), and dissemination of information on the net.
CE-08 To develop dialectic skills and critical thinking to analyse the legal framework.
CE-09 To develop ethical values and principles.
CE-10 Ability to work as an expert in Law in an interdisciplinary team providing legal advice on negotiation or settlements in order to solve a case, or devising legal strategies leading to alternative solutions.
CE-11 To be able to make a legal case with precise and concise arguments.
CE-12 Ability to draft and structure legislation.
CE-13 Knowledge and understanding of major public and private institutions, their origins and interrelations, operating procedures and guarantees.
CE-14 Knowledge of historical and present ways to create new Law.

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