Job options

Legal professions are essential for the proper functioning of the State, its institutions, and society at large. They play a key role in public order and welfare, securing safe legal and economic transactions, and safeguarding human rights and freedoms.

Our students will get a first-rate Degree in Law qualification thanks to high-quality education opening for them a wide range of job options, including:

  • In companies’ legal departments (human resources, auditing, tax, fiscal, and labour legal advice), as well as in the following sectors: business, insurance, cooperatives, banking, industry, etc.
  • Most students aim at becoming lawyers and paralegals. To that end further training and examinations, as set forth by the Ministries of Justice and Education will be required in order to exercise the profession and obtain the professional accreditation of lawyer and paralegal, according to the corresponding legislation (Law 34/2006, of 30th of March, published in BOE the 31st of October, 2006 and Real Decreto 775/2011, of 3rd of June, published in BOE the 16th of June, 2011).
  • After succeeding at the relevant public competitive examination, students may enter a career of: judge, prosecutor, state’s attorney, military legal corps, state administration lawyer, notary, property registrar, court clerk, diplomat, tax inspector, labour inspector, auditor of local Government, Public Administration clerk (state, regional, and local), European Union official, etc.
  • Teaching and research may be further career opportunities.