Objectives and competences

The pre-enrolment process is already available. It is not possible to enrol new students because the Degree accreditation renewal is pending a final resolution.


Universidad Isabel I online teaching and learning methodology pursues the development of crosscutting skills which will prove useful for students’ future careers. Students develop methodological skills (working procedures, entrepreneurship skills, proactive attitude, etc.) and technological skills (working in online environments, shared knowledge building in online communities and social networks, use of digital learning resources, etc.).

Face-to-face education cannot foster these abilities to such an extent, as they are not part-and-parcel of face-to-face education programmes. Our methodology is focused on actively involving students in their ICT-based and up-to-date learning process.


Dieticians work is always underpinned by the needs of the community they work in. Different jobs can be done in various fields:

  • The clinical field, where students’ knowledge of the body functions in health, illness, or disability will qualify them to help both healthy and sick people alike, providing targeted nutritional counselling, according to their physiological and pathological needs, their personal preferences, and socioeconomic, cultural, and religious background.
  • Community and public health areas; students will be qualified to work on public policies, epidemiological studies, nutrition and dietetics programmes, and on food policies in order to promote food habits and prevent related illnesses.
  • Community and mass catering; our graduates will be able to manage and organize food services, and to coordinate professional development programmes.
  • Food industry; students will be qualified to foster innovative products, assess nutritional quality, health benefits, and work on food-related social marketing.
  • Teaching; students will be qualified to work in both public and private institutions teaching courses on nutrition, dietetics, and health.
  • Research; our graduates will be able to work in a multidisciplinary team and promote research in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, and health.


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