End-of-degree dissertation

The pre-enrolment process is already available. It is not possible to enrol new students because the Degree accreditation renewal is pending a final resolution.


The End-of-degree dissertation is a compulsory course worth 9 ECTS credits. Students will have to show all competences developed throughout the degree. It is a key course in which students will need to go deeper into the knowledge and skills acquired in the degree. The end-of-degree dissertation will involve implementing general competences associated with the degree; students will be able to pursue and critically review scientific knowledge; to manage, organise and interpret relevant data within their field of study and professional area. Critical, logical and creative thinking is fostered through this course.

Students who have chosen one of the specialisations available (“Sport performance”, or “Nutrition and physical activity”) must work on a related topic in their end-of-dissertation degree, in addition to taking the courses included in the given specialisation, and an internship in the same area.


In order to ensure the smooth development of the end-of-dissertation degree, work will be organised in three stages: initial, development and defence stages.

  • Initial stage: work in the first term will be done on the online platform (Aula Virtual) Students will get acquainted with the course and the process towards their dissertation. They will have access to the syllabus, the timing, possible areas of study and applicable regulation. The aim is to lay down solid foundations for students to tackle their dissertation.
  • Development stage: during this stage, students will work on their dissertation. They will be assigned a supervisor, according to the area of study chosen, to guide them throughout the whole process.
  • Defence stage: this is the last stage of the course. The dissertation defence will be done before a jury via video conference, unless students express their preference for a face-to-face defence, in which case the defence will take place on Universidad Isabel I premises in Burgos. Under no circumstances may supervisors be part of the jury in their students defence.


Students can choose from two assessment modalities: continuous and formative assessment or final assessment.

  • Continuous and formative assessment: students must follow a compulsory submission schedule, each of which will be thoroughly reviewed and commented on by the supervisor. It is strongly recommended to choose this assessment modality.
  • Final assessment: students will have to submit to compulsory drafts to ensure formative assessment by supervisors, who will review and suggest improvements on these drafts.


Marking will be done on two core items; students need to pass both with a minimum mark of 5 out of 10 in each.

  • Supervision of the end-of-degree dissertation, worth 50% of the final mark.
  • Grade awarded by the Jury at the defence, worth 50% of the final mark.

Students’ dissertation defence will only be possible with prior authorisation by the supervisor. This authorisation does not mean or ensure that students will pass the course. In addition, the defence will only be possible upon successful completion of all courses in the degree, as per official academic records.

In order to enroll on the end-of-degree dissertation, students must have already successfully completed 180 ECTS.

Areas of study

  • Physical activity at an early age, body movement and motor learning
  • Physical activity in illness
  • Physical activity for seniors
  • Physical activities and mental or physical disability
  • Teaching physical activity and sport
  • Basic principles of collective and individual sports
  • Physical activity social and history background
  • Ergogenic aids and Sport performance (Specialisation in Nutrition and physical activity; Specialisation y Sport performance)
  • Sport nutrition for target audiences (Specialisation in Nutrition and physical activity)
  • Nutrition and physical activity (Specialisation in Nutrition and physical activity)
  • Basic principles, methodology and functional assessment in sport training (Specialisation in sport performance)
  • Biomechanics and kinesiology in sport and physical activity (Specialisation in sport performance)
  • Physiology of physical exercise (Specialisation in sport performance)
  • Optimisation of sport performance through tactical and technical analysis (Specialisation in sport performance)
  • Prevention and re-adaptation in sport injuries (Specialisation in sport performance)

Teaching staff

The course is supported by a diverse teaching staff with different duties to ensure a smooth development. The course head teacher («responsable de asignatura») coordinates and guides supervisors on matters such as timing, schedule, information on assessment; they manage the online platform (information to students) and the Q&A forum. In addition, the End-of-dissertation Committee regularly meets during the school year to deal with issues that may arise during supervision, to organise assessment, to revise competences and learning outcomes, to set up defence juries, etc.

Course head teacher

Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

PhD Cum Laude in Physical Activity and Sport Science by Universidad de León; honours by Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana; Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science, Diploma in Teaching (specialisation in Physical Education); MA in Innovation and Research in Physical Activity and Sport Science.

He has worked as a teacher at university level for in MA and undergraduate degrees. His current lines of research focus on physiological responses and adaptation to exercise; the link between aerobics qualities, recovery and RSA in collective sports; study of the impact of training and de-training, as well as fitness assessment related to health and sport performance. Author of JCR articles in indexed journals.


  • Dra. Olaia Abadía de Vicuña (See CV)
  • Dr. Carlos Medina Pérez (See CV)
  • Dr. Daniel Torregrosa García (See CV)
  • Dr. Javier Raya González (See CV)
  • Dra. Isabel Rossignoli Fernández (See CV)
  • Dr. Ángel Lago Rodríguez (See CV)
  • Dra. Beatriz Maroto Sánchez (See CV)
  • Dr. Santiago García Morilla (See CV)
  • Dr. René González Boto (See CV)
  • Dr. Alejandro Gómez Bruton (See CV)
  • Dr. Juan Antonio Latorre Catalá (See CV)
  • Dr. José Antonio Latorre Rodríguez (See CV)
  • Dr. Daniel Castillo Alvira (See CV)
  • Dra. Marta Domínguez Díez (See CV)
  • Dra. Natalia Prieto Vidal (See CV)
  • Dra. Noelia Belando Pedreño (See CV)
  • Nuria Giménez-Blasi (See CV)
  • Dr. Federico Sánchez Jover (See CV)
  • Dr. Pedro Gómez Carmona (See CV)