Internship («Prácticas Externas») is a compulsory and face-to-face course in the 4th year of the degree, worth 9 ECTS (150 hours of internship + 125 hours of individual work). It is a hands-on course requiring students to implement knowledge and competences acquired throughout the degree in a real professional environment.

Students will work as an intern developing activities related to professional work in their area. Two supervisors will oversee student’s work during their internship: an external supervisor (with a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science), from the place where the student will do their internship, plus an academic supervisor at the university (one of the teachers in the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science).

Both supervisors will be in contact and will coordinate their work. Students will have to submit evidence of their internship through the online platform. The academic supervisor will review and assess this assignments. The course mark will break down as follows: 40% - grade awarded by the external supervisor + - grade awarded by the academic supervisor.