Fees in academic year 2018/2019

The pre-enrolment process is already available. It is not possible to enrol new students because the Degree accreditation renewal is pending a final resolution. If you need further information or wish to pre-enrol (free of charge), contact us.

Concessionary rates for enrolments before April 2nd, 2019

Up to 15% off:

  • 10% off in fee per ECTS credit for enrolments over 16 credits or 5% off in fee per ECTS credit for enrolments over 10 credits.
  • 5% off in fee per ECTS credit in special cases (only in enrolments over 18 credits). For further information go to section on Financing and concessionary rates.

Tuition fees for academic year 2018-2019

Tuition fees at Universidad Isabel I are based on the number of ECTS credits enrolled in. Tuition fees include education services, access to learning facilities, online resources and course material, tutoring services, and assessment.

1 The student will pay for recognised credits upon communication of the decision on recognition of credits taken by the university.

2The price of the previous credit recognition study will be deducted from the overall fee for recognised credits.

Student insurance: Compulsory only for students under 28 years old. The insurance fee will be paid with the first tuition payment (when paying in instalments).

Honours: Universidad Isabel I awards its best students. For each course passed with First Class Honours, the course fee will be deducted from tuition fees the following academic year.

Resits: failed courses enrolled on in subsequent years involve no additional charges, other than tuition fees set for the year in which the course is retaken.

Payment options

Students may choose between single or fractioned payment:1

  • Upfront payment3. By direct debit, bank transfer or credit/debit card. A 5% Discount will apply, except for student insurance fee. Payment will be made in a single installment by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card payment (POS).
  • Payment in instalments3. By direct debit. Tuition fees will be split in three instalments:
    • First payment: 40% of the fee to be paid within 7 days from reception of payment notice. Only then will enrolment be confirmed.
    • Second payment: 30% to be paid 60 days after the enrolment is completed.
    • Third payment: 30% to be paid 120 days after the enrolment is completed.

3 Upon enrollment in the third term, only bank transfer or credit card payments will be accepted. No discount will apply.