Job options

Traditionally, Psychology has been perceived as a science dealing with mental disorders. However, it is becoming essential in all areas of human development due to its versatility; today psychologists are qualified for professional practice in a wide range of fields including:

  • Educational psychology, dealing with students’ different learning styles and aiming at enhancing learning resources.
  • Social psychology, studying the development of social skills regardless of age, health problems, etc.
  • Occupational and organisational psychology, to analyse and optimise workers relation to their jobs, responsibilities, and leadership within a company, as well as to develop adaptation techniques to different social environments.
  • Clinical psychology, concerning not only palliative care of mental illnesses, but also prevention and positive personal development.
  • Criminal psychology, applying psychology principles to criminal investigation and the development of forensic and legal techniques.
  • Sport psychology, for the development of mental strength to complement physical strength in all sport disciplines.
  • Environmental psychology, focusing on people’s relationship with their environment (including architectural features).