ECTS credit recognition system at Universidad Isabel I gives students the opportunity to study two field-related degrees at the same time. The time required to complete both programmes is therefore significantly reduced.

The double degree programme is based on several common courses taught in different degrees. Similar courses are validated in both degrees.

First year

Term Course ECTS From the Degree in:
1 Psychology: past and present 6 Psychology
Application of ICTs in professional practice* 6 Psychology
Professional Communication in English* 6 Psychology
Constitutional law 6 Criminology
2 Developmental psychobiology 6 Psychology
Evolution through the life cycle 6 Psychology
Psychology of learning 6 Psychology
History of criminology and criminology theories 6 Criminology
General psychology and psychology of deviance* 6 Criminology
Cultural anthropology 6 Criminology
3 Social psychology 6 Psychology
Neuropsychology and physiology 6 Psychology
Professional communication techniques* 6 Psychology
General sociology and sociology of crime 6 Criminology
Forensics and investigation 6 Criminology
Initiation to professional practice. 1st year (term. 1-3)* 6 Criminology

Second year

Term Course ECTS From the Degree in:
1 Design of research studies and data analysis 6 Psychology
Attention, perception, and memory 6 Psychology
Business and entrepreneurship* 6 Psychology
General and criminal biology; first aid 6 Criminology
Criminal police 6 Criminology
2 Group psychology 6 Psychology
Motivation and emotion 6 Psychology
Scientific communication in English* 6 Psychology
Legal theory of crime 6 Criminology
Victimology 6 Criminology
3 Mathematical methods of statistics* 6 Psychology
Personality 6 Psychology
Language and thought 6 Psychology
Forensic medicine 6 Criminology
Criminal psychology 6 Criminology
Initiation to professional practice. 2nd (trim. 4-6)* 6 Psychology

Third year

Term Course ECTS From the Degree in:
1 Psychopathology 6 Psychology
Background and expressions of diversity 6 Psychology
Positive psychology 6 Psychology
Crimes and related penalties 6 Criminology
Criminal investigation techniques 6 Criminology
2 Neuropsychological assessment 6 Psychology
Differential psychology 6 Psychology
Advanced forensics 6 Criminology
Principles, basis and development of criminological studies 6 Criminology
Social work and community education techniques 6 Criminology
3 Work and organisational psychology 6 Psychology
Psychometric properties of assessment tools 6 Psychology
Social and educational work with offenders 6 Psychology (OP)
Internship. 3rd (trimestres 7-9)* 6 Criminology

Fourth year

Term Course ECTS From the Degree in:
1 Forensic aspects in mental disorders 6 Psychology (OP)
Neuropsychological work and therapy 6 Psychology
Research techniques in social and legal studies 6 Criminology
End-of-degree dissertation 6 Criminology
2 Terrorism psychology 6 Psychology (OP)
Programme planning and assessment 6 Psychology
Social and personal skills 6 Psychology
Management of psychological stress, negotiation and mediation* 6 Criminology
Criminal procedural law 6 Criminology
End-of-degree dissertation 6 Criminology
3 Social values and ethics* 6 Psychology
End-of-degree dissertation 6 Psychology
End-of-degree dissertation 6 Criminology
Internship* 6 Psychology

OP: optional

Subjects common to both degrees are marked with “*” and may be mutually recognised.

The curriculum includes the Specialisation in Criminology for the Degree in Psychology.

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