«Criminology is a scientific discipline that is essential in our day-to-day society».
Víctor Rodríguez González
Víctor Rodríguez
Víctor Rodríguez
We are the only Faculty of Criminology in Spain
Join us and specialize in private security and cybersecurity

How it is to study in our Faculty of Criminology?

We are the only Faculty of Criminology in Spain, and this is proof of the key importance given to criminological studies and security science in our University. In addition, our Degree in Security Science has been awarded the prize to sectoral training in private security, which clearly shows the outstanding quality of such comprehensive and multidisciplinary training. The most suitable professional profiles to study these courses include: policemen and women, Spanish civil guards, legal expert witness, and prison officers

One of the main features of this Faculty is the high level of specialisation of the studies available, including Expert in criminology and criminalistics, Specialisation in Private Security, and Specialisation in Cybersecurity. Some of these specialisations qualify you for certain regulated professions such as private security manager or private detective

In November 2018, our Faculty opened a modern research centre with a forensic laboratory in which scientific research on graphology, forensic document examination, and behaviour analysis is being developed.