«Our goal is to provide a comprehensive training that qualifies professionals who will contribute to progress and social change.».
Ana Cristina García Pérez
You can do your internship in a real professional environment.
All our courses are in line with the challenges of a digital society.

How it is to study in our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences?

Interdisciplinarity has an essential role in the future of education and in the development of the specific competences needed to succeed professionally in a digital society. At our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, all courses are designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving skills, innovation and creativity. Our main commitment is to respond to the challenges of our time while keeping in mind our past and origins

One of the distinctive features of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the individualized attention to our students, especially those with special learning needs, who have access to adapted content. This way, our accessible learning resources contribute to build a diverse and inclusive University.

Our curricula include hands-on courses and internships, so students can apply the acquired competences in real professional contexts. Additionally, in the degrees that lead to the regulated profession of teacher in Early-Childhood Education, and teacher in Primary and Secondary Education, the internship takes place in official education centres

Our teaching staff are highly qualified professionals and researchers actively involved in the students’ whole learning process