“Become a professional in law, economy and business in a digital world.”
Pilar Conde Colmenero
Pilar Conde Colmenero
Pilar Conde Colmenero
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How it is to study in our Faculty of Law and Economics?

Our Faculty of Law and Economics has a solid commitment with you, your employability and your acquisition of professional competences, skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in your career.

We have been working transversally from the beginning in the digital transformation of the legal, economic, and business fields. An example of this, is our research group “Digital technologies applied to legal and economic sciences”, focused on different areas of research such as digital economy, and Law and ICTs.

Our official degrees promote the development of highly-qualified professional profiles which include digital skills and entrepreneurial abilities. On the other hand, our master’s degrees will boost your career, since some of them qualify students for some regulated professions and others are focused on digital technologies.