"Transforming the training of those who will lead the digital revolution in our society."
David García García
Specialize in the most demanded professional fields of the digital era.
Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest cloud environments.

Today’s technological revolution involves new working needs and qualified professionals with digital skills and specific interpersonal abilities to succeed in the current digital era.

At our Faculty of Science and Technology we are ready to face those challenges by providing an online, specialised, and innovative training, focused on the most demanded and up-to-date areas and technological trends. Our main objective is to qualify experts able to lead the digital transformation of our society.

Thanks to our online platform and outstanding methodology , you will be able to balance your studies, work, and personal life while updating and improving your professional career. Our teachers are highly-qualified and renown professionals in their field. They will guide you through your learning process with the most innovative cloud learning resources. In addition, our official courses include an internship programme so you will have the opportunity to work with leading companies getting hands-on knowledge on the different and ever-changing professional sectors.

Our STEM courses are focused on today’s most demanded fields and adapted to the near future of the current digital era, such as, computer engineering, cybersecurity, big data, video games, marketing , and mobile technologies.

The Research Centre in Neuroscience and Cybersecurity is located at our faculty. This centre is an essential transversal element of our University because it combines research, development, and the implementation of new technologies to our current society in different fields. Our Cluster of Research in Technologies Applied to Innovation (in Spanish, CITAI) works in the following areas: cybersecurity, neuroscience, intelligent analysis of user interactions, digital learning, social and industrial digital transformation, biotechnology, e-sports, and health sciences.

Which courses are available in our Faculty of Science and Technology?