Our creative and unique Master’s degree stands out. It qualifies our students to become excellent teachers and to prepare for the competitive exams they need to pass to secure a post in the public education system. When appropriate, courses overlap with typical exercises in the competitive examination in order to provide useful, targeted training.

Our Master’s degree is result-oriented. All through the courses, internship period and end-of-master’s dissertation, we provide hands-on practice opportunities for syllabus design, lesson planning, and creation of teaching material: activities, oral presentations, writing tasks, etc. In short, our master qualifies students to become great teachers. It also enables them to work in fully private or state-funded private schools, and to prepare for the competitive examinations.

This Master’s degree can be combined with our postgraduate teacher development courses, which are recognised to award points in competitive and seniority processes within the teaching career.

Antonio Segura Marrero

Mr. Antonio Segura Marrero

Director of the Master’s degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Lower Secondary Education, non-compulsory Upper Secondary Education and Language Teaching