Tuition fees for academic year 2017 / 2018

Tuition fees for the Master’s degree are 4680 EUR. (*)

Fees include:

  • Enrolment fee (60 ECTS).
  • Internship insurance.
  • Education services, access to teaching infrastructure, access to online resources and material, tutoring services, and assessment.

(*) Up to 5% off in ECTS price for upfront payment or special cases. Click on our concessionary rates section for further information.

Payment method

You can choose between upfront payment and payment in instalments:

  • Upfront payment. bank payment order, bank transfer or credit card. 5% off on upfront payments (excluding insurance). Single payment of the total amount by bank transfer, payment order or credit card (POS).
  • Payment in instalments. Payment order; three instalments:
    • First instalment: 40% within 7 days from receipt of the payment notification (which serves as confirmation of enrolment).
    • Second instalment: 30 % 60 days from confirmation of enrolment.
    • Third instalment: 30% 120 days from confirmation of enrolment.