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ISO 9001:2015
UNE 66181:2012
Positive certification of AUDIT design
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Information security policy
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Validated Master’s Degree full programme document
Quality assurance procedures
Academic year 13 - 14
Academic year 14 - 15
Academic year 15 - 16
Summary report
Result of professional satisfaction survey
Official Journal for Castilla y León
Nº 128 – Creation of centres and implementation of official university studies
Nº 237 – Master’s Degree Programme of study
Nº 244 Corrections of errors in the programme of study
Spanish Official Journal
Nº 46 – Master’s degree Programme of Study
Nº 247 – Official status of the Master’s Degree
Student satisfaction survey
Academic year 13-14
Academic year 14-15
Academic year 15-16
UNE 66181
P-13 procedure Quality of online education
Information chart UNE 66181