School of languages

At Universidad Isabel I School of Languages, our courses are designed to help you communicate in a foreign language from day one, being able to write and speak in the language of your choice thanks to our high-quality standards in online teaching and our innovative methodology. Our wide range of language-in-use resources, and up-to-date, accessible and dynamic materials will make your learning process a really motivating experience.

In addition, a highly-qualified professor will provide guidance and support through the virtual classroom, and the course timing will allow you to manage your own schedule and study time, so you can combine your studies with the rest of your daily activities. Join us now!

Our Spanish courses are designed according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Furthermore, you can certify your English or Spanish level with our own language accreditation tests.

Our School of Languages is associated with ACLES. We are an official examination center for Linguaskill (Cambridge).