Why are people interested in learning languages? The answer seems quite straightforward: to be able to communicate in different languages. That is our drive at Universidad Isabel I School of Languages, and that is why our language courses are designed, first and foremost, to help you communicate in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. from day one.

Online School of Languages

You will develop and improve your communication skills. You will be able to read in, write in, speak in and understand the language of your choice. Learning will be enabled through a wide range of language-in-use resources and real-life exercises within a flexible, dynamic, and motivating environment. Your learning process will be enhanced by our university high-quality standards and innovative teaching. You can access our courses 24/7 wherever you are. A highly qualified tutor will provide guidance and support throughout the course. Learning will be based on practical and up-to-date activities. Dialogue and discussions with your tutor and classmates will be encouraged through fora, videoconferences, and webinars. Furthermore, the course includes three one-to-one conversations (videoconferences or phone calls) to improve your communication skills, and you can keep practising with your classmates in our chat rooms.

In conclusion, with our courses you will succeed in communicating in another language.

In our School of Languages you will obtain a university certificate awarded by a renowned university. All courses can be completed either in general (6 months) or intensive mode (3 months) to best fit individual circumstances.

Cambridge English