Our mission at the Career Counselling Service is to improve the employability of Universidad Isabel I students and graduates through various organizational, coordination and management duties:

  • Management of both curricular and extra-curricular internships, in coordination with centres and with the directors of degrees offered at Universidad Isabel I.
  • Career and job counselling, through the development of job seeking techniques and providing information on job options linked to the studies undertaken.
  • Training activities for job seeking and the development of cross-cutting skills not acquired during the programme of studies and enhancing employability.
  • Fairs and Information days.
  • Information on job offers.
  • Awareness-raising and counselling regarding entrepreneurship.
  • Other job-related programmes aimed at promoting employment for Universidad Isabel I students and graduates.
  • The establishment of close links with private and public institutions with similar interests inside or outside Universidad Isabel I, in order to promote values such as teamwork, cooperation, solidarity, by implementing joint activities towards higher quality.