The Career Counselling Service fosters the development of cross-cutting skills to enhance students’ and graduates’ employability through courses on job seeking techniques, CV preparation, group dynamics, etc.

This Service also compiles and disseminates information related to the development of professional skills.

Online Postgraduate Courses

Law and Economics Customs Agent
Excellence in Business Management and Administration
University Expert Diploma in Labour Mediation Services for Employment Agencies
Postgraduate Certificate in Labour Mediation
Postgraduate Course on How to Set up and Manage Virtual Teams
University Expert Diploma in Management of Stevedoring Services
Professional Development Course on Trade Law
University Expert Diploma in Data Protection
Data Protection in Pharmacies
Data Protection for Teachers
Professional Development Course on Commercial Companies
MA in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and Internal Auditing
Humanities and Social Sciences Online Teaching
Musical Composition
Scientific Dissemination
Coaching in Education
Course for the Accreditation of History and Geography Teacher Qualification
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Advanced Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Advanced TEFL)
Posgraduate Course: Expert in Bilingual Education
Engineering and Architecture Environmental Management
Sustainable Urban Mobility
IT Systems Auditing
Expert in verification of aeronautical manufacturing and maintenance processes, quality management, and aviation safety
Health Sciences Digital Processing and Management of Health Information (for clinical practice, research and scientific dissemination)
New Trends in Football Performance Training
University Expert Diploma in Football Tactics: Analysis, Periodisation, and Training
Master’s Degree in Neuroscience
Master’s degree in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy
Master’s Degree in Clinical Optometry and Eye Therapy

Continuing Education

School of Languages Online School of Languages
School of Languages in Burgos