If you are a student or a staff member at Universidad Isabel I, we want to hear from you. Use our suggestion box to leave any comment, complaint or positive experience so we can learn more from your insight and improve our learning community. We will also help you with any difficulty that requires special attention.

  • Suggestions: let us know about any idea that can help us make things better.
  • General Complaints: use this mailbox if you feel there is something we are not doing right.
  • Formal Complaints: fill out this form if you think that your rights have been infringed or any established procedure has not been followed.
  • Congratulation messages: the whole team at Universidad Isabel I works hard every day to offer you the best service possible in our search for excellence in education, so it will make us very happy to know that we are on the right path!

If you need information on our courses, please, don’t use this mailbox. Call us or get in contact through our website.

Likewise, don’t use the suggestion box to pose questions to the University Ombudsperson, please, write instead to: defensor.universitario@ui1.es.

We really appreciate your comments and ideas and we’ll be happy to help you anytime. Thank you very much from Universidad Isabel I’s team!

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