About us

  • Universidad Isabel I Foundation was created in 2010 as a private, non-for-profit and independent institution with its own legal personality.
  • From the beginning, the main goal of Universidad Isabel I Foundation is to contribute to the advancement of society through activities with a strong focus on education, culture, health, science, and the promotion of R&D.
  • The Foundation also works for the inclusion of people at risk of physical, social, and cultural exclusion; the promotion of values such as tolerance, dialogue, and respect for democratic principles, and the development of new information and communication technologies that contribute to human and social progress.
  • In addition, the Foundation is the focal point of information and coordination for companies wishing to enter into collaboration agreements with the University.


The Foundation main goals are the following:

  • The dissemination, appraisal and transfer of knowledge focused on culture, well-being and economic development.
  • To contribute to the advancement of society and to foster and implement activities promoting new ICT-based teaching methods regarding on-site and on-line education, culture, sport, science, and research.
  • To promote the implementation of ICTs in all education levels in order to improve learning and the development of training programmes.
  • To apply ICTs in production and marketing processes.
  • To develop new research programmes and methods through ICTs.
  • To promote learning techniques focused on close collaboration between students and teachers, to pursue the inclusion of new technologies in all areas of academic training and business development, and to promote research in the field of learning methodologies within virtual environments.
  • To promote Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures, and to spread a positive image of Spain, Portugal and Latin America around the world.
  • To promote language learning, especially with regards to Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
  • To manage the transfer of Universidad Isabel I R&D knowledge and outcomes by promoting the participation of public and private entities in national, European and international programmes and in activities linked to the University.
  • To organise training courses, conferences, symposia and seminars pursuant to the goals at the Foundation, at Universidad Isabel I or at other institutions with similar aims and activities.
  • To improve and strengthen the link between the University, the private sector and civil society in order to help students enter the labour market thanks to agreements with businesses and institutions.


  • Education and employment
  • Research and transfer
  • Professional services
  • Companies
  • Scholarships/Funds/Awards
  • Conferences/Seminars/Symposia
  • International Cooperation

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