Study where, when and however you like

Online learning is the best option to keep up to date with the training needs of professionals in the 21st century: you can study when and wherever you like while getting a unique learning experience.. Isabel I University offers you a tailor-made study opportunity that will help you balance study, work and family.

If you are wondering how it is to study online and its advantages compared to traditional on-site learning, we will tell you anything you need. Would you like to know our online methodology, our learning resources, our faculty and methods of assessment?

How is our online methodology?

Our methodology is in line with the training needs of professionals in the 21st century. It is an innovative methodology focused on continuous cooperation and communication with the student and based on e-learning.

At Universidad Isabel I, resources are considered as learning-enhancement tools. Apart from the course materials, our learning resources include also interaction and collaboration systems, as well as other varied and numerous tools accessible in our platform 24/7 in order to foster continuous and personalized knowledge acquisition.

Different ways of learning are available at Universidad Isabel I. All of them promote flexible and up-to-date learning by avoiding a traditional approach based on the bare transfer of theoretical knowledge.

Universidad Isabel I offers you a personalized, flexible and accessible training. Our innovative methodology allows you to manage your own schedule and study time.

Our online approach to learning focuses on innovation and creativity, and our online platform is user-friendly, straightforward and easily accessible with a wide range of learning tools and resources to provide you with a student-centred learning experience.

Studying at Universidad Isabel I will make you part and parcel of a virtual education community where learning is promoted by actively involving the students in a multidisciplinary and digital environment. Collaboration, student-professor interaction, and shared knowledge building are the three main pillars of the learning process.

What is the role of the online professor?

The faculty at Universidad Isabel I is highly qualified. Furthermore, they are digital experts that will assist you and guide you anytime in all your courses. Our professors are qualified professionals with whom you will keep a close relation. You will get continued support from them throughout your whole learning process

Our faculty will accompany you within a flexible and active environment where you will find a wealth of resources that will turn your learning into a highly stimulating experience. Shared knowledge building is highly encouraged and you will always have the leading role in your own learning process.


What is the Virtual Classroom?

The Virtual Classroom is an essential tool to build an online teaching and learning environment. It is student-centred, user-friendly and accessible from any device at any time.

Our Virtual Classroom is straightforward and practical. It includes all the necessary study material to work on your subjects. At Universidad Isabel I we foster knowledge acquisition while developing the most innovative methods and strategies to help you understand and assimilate that knowledge easily.

Students are part of real knowledge-building networks in every field of study. Therefore, our hypermedia educational resources promote

interaction through self-assessment activities, images, links, videos, texts, etc. Our didactic units are available in three formats (web, PDF and EPUB) and our platform is flexible and adaptable, so you can study from different devices without losing functionality and visibility.

Our learning resources are developed by using a functional and attractive language. Besides, students have also different possibilities to include notes or highlight their texts. In addition, we apply specific educational strategies to promote a personalized learning environment by allowing our students to adjust text size, colour, establish contrast, etc.

Likewise, we are highly committed in assuring equality and accessibility through our education materials, that is why we provide different alternatives to ensure the same learning conditions to all students


How and where do you sit the exams?

At Universidad Isabel, I we adapt to the individual needs of our students, so you have the chance to choose the exam centre that best suits you among different centres available. Currently, we have exam centres placed throughout the seventeen autonomous regions. In addition, if you are not living in Spain, we will make sure that you have an exam centre close to your place of residence.

You can select your exam centre when you fill in your enrolment application, and you will have the chance to modify it within the established period (this change will apply to all exam periods).

All exams are on-site, compulsory and will be held each term. You can access your Personal Profile to check the specific dates of the exams in the academic calendar. The exams will take place at the end of each term.

All relevant notifications will be published in the Virtual Campus (Personal Profile), where you can also check out some useful recommendations to succeed in your exams


How is our method of assessment?

Two assessment options are available and you can select the one that best suits you for each course. We adapt to your specific learning needs

> Continuous assessment: this modality implies a progressive approach to learning where you will have to meet the

continuous assessment requirements involving the submission of different activities and an on-site final exam for each course. There is a varied range of activities that your professor may set out for you: content-based exercises, quizzes that will help you review those unit contents, and the discussion forum where students’ interaction is promoted through a topic of debate.

> Final assessment: in this modality you will have to complete a competence assessment test (PEC) and an on-site final exam.

Additionally, regardless of the assessment modality selected, you have a re-sit examination in case you failed the ordinary examination period.