At Universidad Isabel I Innovation and creativity are our motto, and our hallmark. Two essential values that make us stand out among Spanish universities. That is Isabel I’s style.

Universidad Isabel I is a modern university, born in the digital era, where students choose and organise their own learning experience thanks to our online and blended programmes.

Students are our main focus. Their professional success is the main goal for this University. Communication and information exchange between teachers and students is a defining feature of Universidad Isabel I. Students are part and parcel of a big education community where shared knowledge building is promoted.

Teaching staff at Universidad Isabel I is young, highly qualified, and available 24/7. All of them are professional experts in their field; most holding a PhD. Continued support and a close relation between teachers and students is another key feature of Universidad Isabel I.

Universidad Isabel I is the first Spanish university offering an blended degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science. In addition, we have the first faculty of Criminology in Spain.

Universidad Isabel I’s online platform is user-friendly, straightforward, easily accessible, reliable and safe, in order to enhance students learning process.

Universidad Isabel I offers the possibility to study double degrees in promising career fields such as Law and Business Management and Administration; Law and Criminology; Criminology and Psychology; Physical Activity and Sport Science and Nutrition and Dietetics, and Early Childhood and Primary Education.

Our Master’s degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Lower Secondary Education, non-compulsory Upper Secondary Education and Language Teaching provides professional holistic training qualifying teachers-to-be to successfully face national competitive examinations.

All courses at Universidad Isabel I are three-month long and are worth 6 ECTS. Students benefit from continuous assessment, a system which favours step-by-step acquisition of knowledge and skills. Besides, hands-on knowledge is highly promoted by means of case studies.

A specific feature of Universidad Isabel I is the inclusion of cross-curricular courses in all degrees. The course contents are adapted to every field of study. Our cross-curricular courses include: Application of ICTs in Professional Practice, Professional Communication in English, and Professional Communication Techniques in the first year; Scientific Communication in English in the second year, Social values in the fourth year.

At Universidad Isabel I students’ professional success is our main purpose. Thus, our teaching methodology showcases the link between knowledge acquired and professional practice. In addition, students are responsible for their own learning process, building knowledge through interaction with fellow students, the use of ICTs, and being aware of their learning progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. Students are part of real knowledge-building networks in every field of study.