"We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being; we all share the same human spirit."

Stephen W. Hawking

The Diversity Accessibility Unit aims to ensure the inclusion of the most diverse students, facilitating access to training activities and services, as well as full participation in all university life.

The activities of the Diversity Accessibility Unit are aimed not only at ensuring web accessibility for online education, but also at extending accessibility to all those face-to-face activities in which students are required to participate in order to obtain their degrees.

We believe students with functional diversity form an heterogeneous sector whose needs must be addressed. Therefore, this unit will encourage the implementation of measures to significantly reduce current disadvantages faced by students. Our aim is to promote, protect and ensure their full participation and access to online education in our institution.

In addition, Universidad Isabel I is committed to researching, raising awareness and training faculty and staff on matters pertaining accessibility. As a result, all stakeholders will be better prepared to implement measures leading to wider inclusion and the safeguarding of students’ rights.


E-mail: unidad.accesibilidad@ui1.es