Discounts for Continuing Education Courses

Enrolment in 1 course: 90 €/course

The following discounts will apply to enrolments in more than one course:

  • Enrolment in 2 courses: 85 €/course
  • Enrolment in 3 courses: 80 €/course
  • Enrolment in 4 courses: 75 €/course
  • Enrolment in 5 courses: 70 €/course


In order to facilitate access to higher education without it being an economic burden, Universidad Isabel I helps2 you finance your degree or master’s through financial institutions. You can pay tuition fees by instalments under very favourable terms4 3.

  • Tuition funding: degree and master’s studies.
  • Instalments: up to 9 months.
  • Interest rate: 0%
  • Only cost for students: administrative fee from 0.4% to 0.5% of the financed tuition fee amount, depending on the financial institution.
  • Apply for funding:

2 The University is not to be held liable and plays no part in the financing procedure: processing, creditworthiness assessment, approval or denial of financing. Students requiring financing will only deal with and address the financial institution directly. All necessary documents and information will be sent by the applicant to the financial institution. Universidad Isabel I will not have access nor handle or keep those documents and information.

3 If approved by the financial institution.