According to article 120.1 of the Rules of Procedure, the University will regulate on student’s continuation of studies in compliance with current law.

Universidad Isabel I Board of Directors, meeting on July 19th, 2013, approved the following rules:

1. Scope of Application

The present Rules will be applicable to all official degrees at Universidad Isabel I.

2. Completion of studies guarantee

Every student enrolled on a Universidad Isabel I undergraduate or Master’s degree has the right to complete such degree, even in the event described in Article 3.

The above notwithstanding, this student’s right will not be guaranteed when the student has not passed one of the courses included in the degree within the six exam calls established in section 5; when they haven’t completed their studies within the maximum ten-year period established in section 6; when they voluntarily quit their studies before obtaining the degree, nor in the case included in Article 7 (disciplinary sanction).

3. Elimination of Degrees

The Board of Directors at Isabel I University may initiate a procedure to eliminate any degree when, for three consecutive academic years, tuition fees fall short of covering tuition costs for that particular degree. Such procedure shall not undermine the right of any student enrolled in a degree to complete such degree, pursuant to Article 2.

4. Student workload

Depending on how much time a student can devote to their studies, they will be considered full-time or part-time students.

In order to balance studies with work and life, students must apply to be part-time, upon enrollment in which case they must enroll on a minimum of 6 ECTS and a maximum of 36 ECTS.

Full-time students must enrol on a minimum of 18 ECTS and a maximum of 90 ECTS, except when just completing a programme. In cases of exceptional performance and / or concurrent studies, enrollment on a higher number of ECTS may be authorised.

5. Maximum number of exam rounds per course

Enrolment on a given course gives students the right to two examinations: the end-of-course exam and the resit. If the course is failed after these two exam rounds, students must re-enroll.

The maximum number of exam rounds per course is six for degrees, and 4 for Master’s degrees including both end-of-course and resit exams. Only under exceptional circumstances will the Chancellor grant the right to sit new exams when a student can provide justified grounds for the extension.

An exam will not be considered taken when not sat by students. However, once a student shows up at the face-to-face exam, that exam will be considered taken even if not finished or submitted by the student.

6. Deadline for completion of studies at the university

The deadline to continue studies and obtain a degree at Universidad Isabel I is ten years. An extension may be requested from the Governing Council by a student upon justified grounds.

7. Disciplinary Sanctions

The previous provisions do not apply to students expelled from Universidad Isabel I as a result of disciplinary action.

8. Recognition of credits

The recognition of credits and the validation of studies in any of the degrees will not alter the provisions set forth in the previous articles.

9. The Governing Council and Rules on Continuation of Studies

The Governing Council will study and resolve all applications and claims related to the Rules on the Continuation of Studies at Universidad Isabel I. Once a decision is rendered, no further claims or appeals before any governing body at the university are allowed.

10. Access and continuation without discrimination

Pursuant to art. 46.2b of Ley Orgánica 6/2001, of December 21st, de Universidades (on Universities)(BOE No. 307, of December 24), as amended by Ley Orgánica 4/2007 of April 12th, which enshrines students' right to "equal opportunities and non-discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion, disability or any other personal or social condition or circumstance to university access, admission in centres, continuation of studies at the university and the exercise of their academic rights", Universidad Isabel I, will fully comply with current legislation pertaining the access and continuation of studies at this university. The university will ensure no discrimination in the right to access, continuation or development of studies on grounds of origin, sex, religion, opinion, or any other personal or social condition or circumstance, including disability.