Alberto Gómez Barahona
Alberto Gómez Barahona
Chancellor of Universidad Isabel I

Dear friend:

Welcome to Universidad Isabel I, an online education community where students are at the centre of their own learning process. We provide an innovative and creative methodology based on continued support from and a close relation with teachers.

We firmly believe that 21st century university learning can no longer be based on the mere transfer of fixed knowledge. That is why we decided to tap into the Internet potential to offer a radically different education environment. For us, all members of the education community must actively contribute to knowledge-building, thus facilitating and enriching the student’s learning experience while fostering critical thinking.

Our purpose is to favour the flow of modern, flexible and relevant knowledge through a knowledge network developing and growing beyond space and time limits.

We provide quality higher education which qualifies students to successfully enter the labour market. To do so, we count on extremely qualified teachers, experts in their field of expertise and in higher education online learning.

We will be at your side anytime, anywhere. The latest technologies allow us to bring our university wherever and whenever you are, opening up new forms of communication between teachers and students.

We want to be your University. We want you to be actively involved with us in this new conception of university learning. We will be delighted to welcome you as a student.