Tania Corrás Vázquez
Tania Corrás Vázquez

The Ombudswoman will see to it that the rights and freedom of students, teachers and administrative staff are respected within the university. The Ombudswoman will be impartial and is independent of university administration.

He or she will be elected by simple majority of the Faculty, gathered in official session, for a four-year mandate. The Ombudswoman will be selected among university PhD teachers, working full time for the university. He or she will be appointed by the Chancellor.

The Ombudswoman will deal with motivated complaints submitted in writing. After a mediation process for conflict resolution, an independent enquiry into the complaint will be launched. The university administration will be informed and will cooperate with the Ombudswoman. The Ombudswoman will submit a report to the Faculty and the Chancellor per academic year. The Chancellor, in turn, will submit such report to the Governing Board and the Board of Directors.

Under no circumstances will the Ombudswoman be involved in matters other than academic issues, nor in matters taken to court, nor in electoral processes.