Universidad Isabel I is the first Spanish university with a Faculty of Criminology.

Criminology is an interdisciplinary science on everything related to crime and crime analysis, including victims, offenders and community monitoring. Criminology is therefore related to criminal law, human sciences such as sociology, psychology and anthropology. In addition, it is closely linked to sciences applied to crime analysis, such as forensic medicine, legal medicine, criminal biology, and criminalistics.

As in all our online programmes, the following cross-curricular courses are included as a distinctive feature of Universidad Isabel I: Application of ICTs to professional practice, Professional communication in English, and Professional communication techniques in the first year; Scientific communication in English in the second year; Social values and ethics in the fourth year.

Students of the Degree in Criminology can obtain a qualification as Director of Security, Head of Private Security through the specialisation in Private Security (M2) (M2) as well as that of Private Detective, by taking 5 courses within the Degree in Law programme. These professional accreditation certificates are validated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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Víctor Rodríguez González

D. Víctor Rodríguez González

Director of the Degree in Criminology

He holds a degree in Criminology, Private Detective and Director of Security. He is a legal expert in Criminalistics and holds a Master’s degree in Crime Analysis and Crime Prevention.

He has worked on several national cases as a legal expert as well as an expert in criminology and public and private security.