Objectives and competences

General Objectives

The main objective of the Degree in Criminology at Universidad Isabel I is to qualify skilled professionals, providing broad and flexible knowledge of the basics of crime-related issues. Students will develop organization, coordination, and management skills. Students will be able to take measures, to conduct research, and to provide counselling in any public or private institution.

Our degree at Universidad Isabel I is clearly linked to the international arena. Different languages are used in our courses, mainly English, Portuguese and Spanish. This multinational and multicultural approach is reflected in our highly-qualified faculty, visiting professors and, most importantly, in students from all over the world who will no doubt contribute to create an open-minded working atmosphere in our learning community.

From an empirical point of view, Criminology is related to the following issues:

  • Criminalization and victimization processes.
  • Causes and organization of crime and deviance.
  • Processes of prevention and crime and victimization management.
  • Official and non-official responses to crime, deviance and social damage.
  • Crime representations, offenders, victims, and control agencies and agents.

These tasks may be developed within the general scope of crime management or in any of their functional areas, such as forensic criminology or criminalistics, offender and victim’s assessment and therapy, crime research, the development, implementation and assessment of programmes focused on the control and prevention of crime, etc.

Our graduates in Criminology will have comprehensive knowledge the above functional areas operate and are organised, along with the general objectives of Criminology within the context of crime prevention. Besides, our students will be able to contribute to effective and enhanced crime control systems. Graduates in Criminology by Universidad Isabel I will have the necessary skills to assess crime and victimization, as well as the appropriate prevention measures. They will be able to design and implement intervention programmes and provide counselling in prevention policies.

Our graduates will acquire specialized professional skills that will enable them to undertake positions of responsibility and management in key areas of crime control. Therefore, they will be able to identify limits and opportunities in given environments, assign resources, organize information, coordinate and motivate people, make decisions, develop planning and management tasks, reach objectives and assess results.

The profile we pursue for our future graduates in Criminology is based on a more scientific and empirical approach to the discipline. Thus, our main objective is to qualify skilled professionals with a general and flexible view of the crime phenomenon that allows them to undertake management, planning and assessment tasks in any company or institution related to security, justice, law enforcement, and crime prevention. These graduates will become highly qualified professionals whose profile will be determined by our five areas of specialization.

The tasks described above can be developed within the general domain of institutions and/or companies as well as in any of their functional areas.

Thanks to the degree programme and to the five specializations available, graduates in Criminology will acquire a vast knowledge of different areas covered by the wide range of options offered at the University.

It is worth mentioning that the Degree in Criminology at Universidad Isabel I de Castilla provides specific training for the above-mentioned tasks but it does not provide students with a professional accreditation. However, with the upcoming creation of the Official School of Criminologists, significant and necessary progress is expected towards the professionalization and autonomy of criminologists.


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