Our degree in Law involves a change in paradigm regarding law education. Traditional rote learning of every piece of regulation in our legal system has proved, in most cases, inefficient, and it is today impossible given the current wealth of legislation. At Universidad Isabel I we qualify students to be experts in law, able to operate in a dynamic environment, using the latest ICTs. ICTs are no doubt essential to succeed personally and professionally in today’s globalised society. This approach requires high-quality theoretical and technical training to apply declarative knowledge to everyday issues. Our graduates are qualified professionals, experts in law, whose profile is much sought after in the public and private sector alike, able to skilfully operate in a fast-changing legal world.

As in all our online programmes, cross-curricular courses are included, a feature of Universidad Isabel I. Application of ICTs in professional practice, Professional communication in English, and Professional communication techniques in the first year; Scientific communication in English in the second year; Social values and ethics in fourth year.

Grado en Derecho

PhD Pilar Conde Colmenero

Director of the degree in Law