This degree qualifies students to work as teachers in Early Childhood Education in two cycles (0-3 and 3-6 years old).

Taking children’s progress as our benchmark, this degree focuses on planning, developing and evaluating teaching practices.

Aware of the key role played by teachers in society, we have focused on the development of values such as cultural learning, interdisciplinarity, involvement, and communication with families and the rest of the education community.

Our degree qualifies students to work as licensed teachers in Early Childhood Education. According to current legislation (ECI/3857/2007 of December 27), students must attain B1 level of proficiency in a foreign language (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Our graduates are in high demand in the labour market (employment rate of 80%) because they are qualified for professional practice in a wide range of areas.

The degree in Early Childhood Education is linked to Higher Vocational Training.

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Vanesa Martínez

Dr. Vanesa Martínez Valderrey

Director of the Degree in Early Childhood Education

She holds a degree in Pedagogy, a master’s degree in Psychology, Individual, Group, Organization and Culture, and a PhD in Psychology by Universidad del País Vasco.

She started her professional career designing training courses, and as coordinator of counselling and integration services for unemployed people. Subsequently, she focused on formal education and research at Universidad del País Vasco.

At present, her lines of research deal with bullying at school and on social media.