Job options

The pre-enrolment process is already available. It is not possible to enrol new students because the Degree accreditation renewal is pending a final resolution. If you need further information or wish to pre-enrol (free of charge), contact us.

Our graduates in Early Childhood Education are qualified for professional teaching practice at this age span, in both public and private school centres.

Therefore, the range of professional fields includes:

  • Early Childhood Education teacher at schools with children from 0 to 3 and 3 to 6 years old.
  • Early Childhood Education teacher at non-formal education centres and other education institutions (museums, zoos, parks, theatres, juvenile centres, training academies, sport teams, etc.).
  • Textbook content development at publishing houses.
  • Development of information and learning resources for teaching practice.
  • Education research.

In addition, our graduates in Early Childhood Education are qualified to work in the Public Administration (local entities, provincial councils, hospitals, prisons, etc.) as well as in private institutions within the fields of:

  • Socio-cultural entertainment.
  • Child care projects.
  • Children play centres.
  • Family care projects.
  • Environmental education in early childhood.
  • Extracurricular and leisure time activities.
  • School support.
  • Children’s libraries.

Finally, the Degree in Early Childhood Education qualifies students to develop other education initiatives as self-employment.