In the What’s new? section of Universidad Isabel I’s website you can find the News, the Blog and the University Magazine. The News section includes relevant current issues at Universidad Isabel I, such as promotion and development of activities, institutional events, corporate social responsibility activities, high-impact research publications, articles, the University’s role in book editing and publishing, University awards on its education and research activities, partnership agreements, and any other event sponsored by Universidad Isabel I.

The Blog gathers the opinions of the University staff, provides useful learning resources to the students, and the reflection and analysis on relevant topics linked to the academic courses offered by the University. It is a useful tool that provides quality information to our learning community.

Finally, the University magazine (free for download) summarises the most important events of the academic year, informs about the main milestones achieved by the University, as well as about its internal and external influence as educational institution.

The information included in this section are not currently available in English, click on the Spanish version to see this content.