Are you interested in studying Psychology?

The main purpose of Psychology is to understand and describe human behaviour trying to answer the question “Why do we behave as we do?” The basic aims of Psychology include to describe, to explain and to change human behaviour. Beyond describing, and to comply with scientific standards, psychology must unearth the reasons underlying human behaviour.

The ultimate goal of Psychology is to improve people’s quality of life. Therefore, psychology students should have the following features:

  • Vocation for serving others and the community
  • Critical thinking and creativity skills
  • Interest in understanding human behaviour
  • Emotional balance
  • Sensitivity towards other people’s problems
  • Empathy, kindness, compassion and cooperative skills. Interest in science
  • To pursue self-improvement
  • Self-confidence
  • Independent thinking

Degree in Psychology at UI1

The Degree in Psychology qualifies professionals to work successfully in different areas within the field, such as education, health, labour, criminology, etc.

Our highly innovative methodology is based on quarterly subjects and case studies, which are included in all the course units. That is why up to 60% of the final grade is based on continuous assessment.

Furthermore, internships are key in our programmes. In the first and second years, as part of our in-house practice, students face different assignments such as to interview professional psychologists from various fields of expertise, or trying to solve real clinical cases from different specialisation areas. That builds students’ skills leading to 3rd-and-4th-year internships in hospitals, prisons, schools, psychology cabinets, juvenile centres, etc.

Our Degree in Psychology covers both traditional approaches (behavioural and cognitive theories) and the most innovative and up-to-date approaches in our discipline, the so-called third wave therapies (acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, etc.).

María Penado

PhD María Penado Abilleira

Director of the Degree in Psychology