Universidad Isabel I qualifies students to work as teachers in a global, interconnected and challenging world, where both a high level of specialization and cross-cutting skills are necessary to respond to changing needs in today’s professional contexts. The online Degree in Primary Education promotes analysis, rationality, critical thinking and reasoning. One of its main goals is to raise students’ awareness towards the significance of their own actions in relation to diversity in the educational field.

Our students will become highly qualified professionals in education, able to teach how to manage, interpret, select, use and look for information. They will not be mere providers of content. As opposed to passive and rote learning, this degree focuses on dynamically building knowledge based on critical thinking, creativity and open-mindedness towards alternative methodologies.

Our curriculum is designed to help students tell the difference between what is essential and what is accessory. The degree enables students to overcome short-term, explicit and superficial knowledge.

The Degree in Primary Education promotes the teacher’s role as manager of learning resources and students’ counsellor. Therefore, our graduates will work to promote students’ involvement in their own learning process by providing guidance and seeking useful feedback from them.

Manuel Gil Mediavilla

Dr. D. Manuel Gil Mediavilla

Director of the Degree in Primary Education

European PhD in Education Science from Universidad de Burgos. Dr Gil-Mediavilla is a Computer Engineer specialised in management computing and free software (UOC). He also holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, during which he had a research stay at Università degli Studi di Messina.

He has worked as a teacher in secondary, primary and non-formal education. He is currently doing research on educational applications of ICTs and web 2.0, placing emphasis on PLE (personal learning environments) and online teaching.