The official undergraduate degree in Business Management and Administration qualify students to be experts in company organization and management within a professional international business environment.

This degree deals with management of resources, processes and results in order to create wealth and value added.

Traditionally, intuition and limited family-based experience passed on from one generation to the next were the main sources of knowledge in business management. Our online degree, though, is rooted in scientific evidence, applied research, and a professionalized standpoint. Our methodology is based on case studies, as implemented in renowned business schools around the world, thus showcasing the link between acquired knowledge and business professional practice.

This degree falls within Social Sciences, and it includes maths and statistics. Employment rate in the field is over 90%, offering a wide range of job opportunities.

This online degree is linked to Higher Vocational Education.

As in all our online programmes, cross-curricular courses are included, a feature of Universidad Isabel I. Application of ICTs in Professional Practice, Professional Communication in English, and Professional Communication Techniques in the first year; Scientific Communication in English in the second year, Social Values in the fourth year.

Cristina Pérez Espes

Ms Cristina Pérez Espes - PhD

Director of the degree in Business Management and Administration

PhD in Economics (International Mention), accredited by ANECA (Spanish university teaching quality assurance agency). BA in Business Management and Administration and Certificate in Business Science from Universidad de Zaragoza, where she graduated with honours. She completed her training with a postgraduate course on financial counselling and wealth management, and an MA in Official Accounting and Finance. She obtained a grant for university teacher training, enabling her to work on her PhD dissertaton and to develop a career in teaching and research. Her PhD focused on a case study awarde as best practice.

She has been involved in various research projects and has taken part in national and international conferences, both as lecturer and as a member of organising committees. She has published several book chapters in Springer-Verlag, and has written JCR papers. In addition, she has taken several research stays Koblenz-Landau University (Germany).

Her current research lines are as follows:

  • ICT application: e-Government, e-Participation, e-Democracy, e-Cognogracy
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis (AHP)
  • Applied economics
  • Social Return on Investment