The Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics is one of our latest courses.

Students will become highly qualified professionals in dietetics and nutrition in several areas: nutrition counselling, dietetics and nutrition in different physiological and pathological conditions, teaching, research, food industry, catering, and public health, according to principles of health protection and promotion, illness prevention, and dietetic and nutritional treatment.

It is today widely accepted that a healthy diet plays a major role in the prevention and/or treatment of chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, and cancer, among others. Higher education of expert dietitians and nutritionists is, therefore, crucial. Our students will acquire sound knowledge on nutrition and dietetics within a rigorous scientific environment.

Our online Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics is directly linked to the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science, both forming a single training unit of outstanding importance. The Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science is, in turn, related to the Degree in Psychology. These three programmes belong to our Faculty of Health Sciences. Our teachers are extremely qualified professionals and researches working in the field of nutrition in first-class facilities. Furthermore, the University has signed internship agreements with external institutions in order to complement our students training.

As in all our online programmes, cross-curricular courses are included, a feature of Universidad Isabel I. Application of ICTs in professional practice, Professional communication in English, and Professional communication techniques in the first year; Scientific communication in English in the second year; Social values and ethics in fourth year.

Olaia Abadía

Dr. Olaia Abadía García de Vicuña

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

She holds a degree and a PhD. in Physical Activity and Sport Science with a distinction cum laude by Universidad de León.

Her teaching career began at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes where she was Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences for five years. She is accredited for all teaching positions by the ACSUCYL (teaching quality assurance agency).

She was a member of the Comisión Nacional de Decanos of the faculties of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at a time in which new degrees and curricula were developed and implemented to converge with the European Higher Education Area. She was also a member of the Sports Council of Castilla y León and honorary fellow of Universidad de León.

In the international sports arena, she was part of the Spanish Swimming Team and she won several medals in Spanish competitions.

The European College of Sport Science is an international non-profit organisation, founden in Nice (France) in 1995. It aims at promoting science and research in the field of sports, focusing on the interdisciplinary areas of sport and sport medicine.

It is the reference organisation in Europe in the field of Physical Activity and Sport Science. Universidad Isabel I is a member of this organisation.