TEFL: Teaching English as a foreign language

Next Edition: 08 of January 2020.

Our TEFL course focuses in the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language for any educational stage. It is divided into three different levels: TEFL I, TEFL II, and TEFL III.

Why should you take this course?

Adapted content . Our course follows the guidelines from the European Profile for Language Teacher Education: a Frame of Reference (2004) and includes the following elements: contents oriented towards how languages work, training in how languages are learned, classroom techniques and activities, the development of a critical and enquiring approach to teaching and learning, training in information and communication technology for personal planning, organisation and resource discovery, training in the application of various assessment procedures and ways of recording learners’ progress. In addition, some knowledge on education research is also included, since research is an essential tool for education enhancement.

On the other hand, you will acquire abilities and skills to adapt different approaches of language teaching to the individual learning needs of students. You will be trained in the importance of critical evaluation, development and practical application of teaching materials and resources as well as in developing methods of learning to learn. Training will also be focused in the development of reflective practice and self-evaluation. Techniques in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) will bestudied.

Our up-to-date resources will provide you with an innovative approach to English teaching. Thanks to this course’s practical activities, you will be able to apply skills and knowledge to the actual teaching practice in the English classroom.

100% online learning . Our qualified teachers will guide you in your learning process through a personalised training. Discussion and shared knowledge building is highly encouraged through fora and email and all gradable activities include useful feedback from the teachers.

Reasons to study TEFL

Have you ever thought about becoming an English teacher? You are fluent in English, but are you qualified to teach?

Our postgraduate course in teaching English as a foreign language will provide you with the skills and self-confidence to succeed in teaching English anywhere you like. You will get the required university qualification that will grant you access to the teaching profession.

By studying TEFL I, TEFL II, and TEFL III you will be able to develop teaching programmes, teach and assess English courses, acquire research skills, and certainly boost your professional career as English teacher wherever you are.